Comedian Hypnotist Show

Comedy hypnotist places guests into the hypnotic state of mind.

It's gut-busting, side-stitching, knee-slapping comedy that'll have you laughing 'til you cry. In an act that's been described simply as "wow," hypnotist Michael Oddo invites members of the audience to star in the very show they came to see.

Transform your event into a can't-miss sensation--something your guests will be talking about for weeks to come--with Comedian Michael Oddo's interactive Comedy Hypnosis show. Watch as your friends, family, and/or coworkers rock-out on air guitars, belly dance to Arabian music, and furiously compete in an imaginary cow milking contest, all while under Michael's power of suggestion. It's fast-paced silliness designed to get you rolling--maybe even literally.

Best of all, Michael's brand of clean comedy ensures his show is appropriate for all audiences--no need to worry about offensive language or lewd innuendo. Instead, he gets his audience howling using music, sound effects, and innocent tomfoolery.

Don't believe in hypnotism? You've probably been hypnotized yourself and didn't even realize it. Have you ever stared at the TV so long you weren't aware of what was going on around you? That's hypnosis! Michael simply uses this naturally occurring, highly suggestible trance-like state to convince volunteers that the extraordinary is real:

  • "You're competing in a rap-off to win $100,000."
  • "You're starring on America's Got Talent."
  • "You are the president of the United States!"

The hijinks that follow are not the antics of actors, but off-the-wall reactions from your very own hypnotized peers!

For over 25 years Michael Oddo has been delighting audiences young and old while performing at private parties, corporate functions, school events, and county fairs. His remarkable showmanship leaves spectators exclaiming:

"That was the best show ever."

"I was laughing so hard I had tears running. Great show!!!"

"Michael was nothing short of amazing, professional and wildly entertaining."

“You provided us with unforgettable memories and a ton of good laughs!”

"Michael was no less than magnificent as he entertained and amazed over 300 Marines.”

“Your presentation turned out so great – it was all anyone could talk about”

"When my sister spoke like she was on Jeopardy, I knew she was hypnotized.”

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