Horse Race with shoes as binoculars or shoe-oculars

How can a Hypnosis Show raise $400 - $5000 or even more for your:

  • School
  • Service Club (Elks, Moose, Eagles etc.)
  • Church
  • Sports Team
  • Charity (SIDS, Toys for Tots, Wigs for Kids, Red Cross)

Our program has a proven track record of being able to produce the income your group may need. Our fundraising package is so easy and has absolutely NO out of pocket money for your group. We provide you with the flyers, tickets, and even press releases for newspapers if needed. If Michael is available he is even willing to promote this show on local talk radio stations. Our goal is to generate the maximum amount of cash flow your group needs thru Michael's 60-90 Minute Hypnosis Show.

Why utilize a "hypnotic Event" for your next fundraising activity?

  • Michael Oddo provides a "Turn Key Approach to Fundraising"
  • Little advanced planning necessary
  • Unique approach to raising money
  • Fun activity that motivates your group members to work together
  • Attracts large audiences
  • Can be utilized year after year and never gets old
  • The attendance grows each year as the performance changes regularly

For a FREE no obligation fundraising packet on how this show can provide you with the money your organization needs call: 330-701-4647



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